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"Messrs. Zedric and Dilley have accomplished an admirable and highly useful feat with their history of 'warrior elite' units from America's military past." --Samuel Vaughan Wilson, Lt. Gen, US Army (Ret).

Elite Warriors(Pathfinder 1996) was my second book, and was co-authored with renowned military writer, Michael Dilley. The book is a survey history of 52 military units from all branches that Michael and I deemed "elite" either due to their selection, training, equipment, mission or any combination thereof.Elite Warriors was a Doubleday Military Book Club featured selection and may be purchased directly from Pathfinder,, or in bookstores. To order a signed copy from the authors, click the link below.

Elite Warriors: 300 Years of America's Best Fighting Troops

"This may be the single best overview of American special operations history ever written...If I were Minister of Compulsory Reading, every American would read Elite Warriors, and every immigrant would have to pass a test on it before becoming a citizen. It doesn't matter how much you know, you're still going to learn something new reading this book. And more important than that, you're going to enjoy the experience immensely."    -- Kenn Miller - Behind The Lines: The Journal of U.S. Military Special Operations