Schappert (L) with the owner of the jeep. Terry is currently starring in Dude You're Screwed appearing on the Discovery Channel.

Alamo Scout Wilbur Littlefield and I enjoy a jeep ride at Camp Blanding, Florida during filming of Warriors with Terry Schappert for The History Channel.

The History Channel

In early 2001, George Eaton and I appeared on the History Channel program, History's Mysteries, entitled, Alamo Scouts. Click on the banner below to watch.

Renowned actor and Marine Corps veteran Dale Dye was kind enough to sign a photo for the students of my high school class. Dye and I appeared on the final episode of the Warrior series for the History Channel in 2009.

One of the more enjoyable aspects of my association with the Alamo Scouts has been the opportunity to publicize the unit in several televised historical documentaries. Click on the banners to watch the programs commercial free.

Author & Public Speaker

Click the link at right to watch Mission Declassified on UCSB-TV. In 2005, Alamo Scouts Wilbur Littlefield, Bill Barnes, Conrad Vineyard, and I met on the campus of the University of California--Santa Barbara, and held a symposium on the Alamo Scouts.

Me, George Eaton, and Russ Blaise at the Alamo Scouts reunion in Moline, Illinois 2009.