​                                                           2014-2015 Events

World War II 70th Anniversary Remembrance          15 Aug 2015                       Toronto, Canada

​Dedication of Alamo Scouts Memorial Stone           25 Jul 2015                          Fayetteville, NC

​@Airborne & Special Operations Museum

​​Dedication of Bradshaw Hall                                   14 Nov 2014                        Fort Bragg, NC        @U.S. Army Special Operation Forces Compound

​Monmouth College Hall of Fame Induction               4 Oct 2014                         ​Monmouth, IL​

@ Glennie Gymnasium

​University of New Mexico                                       31 Jul - 3 Aug 2014              Albuquerque, NM 

Desert Storm 25th Anniversary Remembrance       28 Feb 2016                        Springfield, IL

​@ Illinois Military History Museum,

​Camp Lincoln

​Illinois Student Veterans Leadership Day                 5 Apr 2016                        Springfield, IL

​@Illinois State Capitol Building

Kiefer Academy Graduation Speech                       25 May 2016                       Peoria, IL

Alamo Scouts Historical Foundation                      28-31 Jul 2016                     San Francisco, CA

​Flying Tigers Anniversary Program                                          TBD                                    Los Angeles, CA

2018 Events/ Appearances

M I S S I O N   A C C O M P L I S H E D!

2017 Events / Appearances​       

Author & Public Speaker

WWII Remembrance speech in Toronto, Canada

2019 Events / Appearances

Desert Storm Remembrance Ceremony                    28 Feb 2019                   Springfield, IL

Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame Induction             21 Oct 2017                        Norman, OK


*Alamo Scouts Hall of Honor                                 14 Sep 2017                        San Antonio, TX

Elite Youth / School Within A School                      TBD Jun 2017                      Peoria, IL

2016 Events / Appearances

National Archives Research Trip                            11-14 Jun 2018                   College Park, MD

Alamo Scouts Historical Foundation                        7-10 Jun 2018                   Washington D.C.

ELITE Honors Program                                               10 May 2018                   Peoria, IL